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Complete the unlock sweep to access your homescreen — which is some kind of odd mashup between Android widgets and Windows Phone Live tiles.

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What you get is large thumbnails of your most recently opened applications. Only four can fit on the screen at once and you can have a total of eight applications in this list — you'll need to slide down to view the rest.

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This is basically the multi-tasking function in BlackBerry 10 and you can choose to close apps in this list by hitting the cross in the bottom right of the preview. During our extended time with the Z10 we found that we hardly ever slide down to see the other four apps hidden below, instead sliding sideways into the app draw if the program we wanted wasn't one of the last four recently used options.

We'd also preferred it if you could pin particular apps to this homescreen, as we'd have liked Facebook, Twitter and the web browser to be permanently on display and easy to reach - or you know, just the first page of your apps and get rid of the whole active screens completely.

For those of you who are fans of quick settings, you'll be glad to know that BlackBerry has catered for you on BB 10 — just swipe down from the notification bar on the BlackBerry Z10 and you'll get a small drop-down with toggles for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, alarm, rotation lock and notifications. There's also a short cut to the settings menu if you need to toggle the 4G mobile hotspot or NFC on the Z Frustratingly you can only set one alarm on the Z10 - come on guys what year are we living in these days - surely the ability to have multiple alarms on your handset isn't an overly taxing implementation.

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