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How to turn your smartphone into a spy camera or baby monitor

Most IP cameras use infrared for night vision. While infrared rays are invisible to the naked eye, you already have a device that can help—your smartphone.

Some smartphones have filters to block out infrared light on their primary camera, but very few of them have filters on the front camera. To determine which camera will work for you, grab an infrared remote like the one you use for your TV.

Spapp Monitoring for:

If you see the light on the screen, then it can detect infrared. Once you determine the best camera to use, turn off the lights in the room you want to sweep. In the above image, the camera is just a few feet away.

But take a look at another picture from the other side of the house:. The lights in the center of the image are the same camera, just three rooms away a dining room, a living room, and a study.

How to Make a Wireless Spy Camera with a Cell Phone

When the lights are on, look for anything unusual. Does a room have more than one smoke detector? Is there a USB hub in a place with no other electronics? If you do the same with one-way glass, your reflected finger and real finger will contact seem to touch , and that could be hiding a camera.

Noticing out-of-place things can help you find hidden cameras. But taking these extra steps when you arrive will give you fighting chance, and hopefully some peace of mind.

Part 2. What Can a Spy Camera be Used for?

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Skip to content. Josh Hendrickson A family recently discovered a rude surprise at their Airbnb: a hidden camera disguised as a smoke detector in the living room.

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How-To Geek is where you turn when you want experts to explain technology. As an iPhone owner, you have a few options for setting up remote viewing. The free version of the app lets you view a live stream of your monitored area, and will push notifications when something happens nearby. In-app purchases for Presence Pro Video increase your cloud storage, improve video quality, and enable longer video recordings in the event your phone loses its internet connection.

The current iteration of the app supports WatchOS, and includes video zoom and a night mode.

How to convert your old phone into a spy camera

These options are great for watching your child and talking to them from a room or two away. When used together, the pair let you monitor your area of choice from wherever you are, as long as you have a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Part 1. 2 Methods to Turn Old Phone into Spy Camera

However, positioning the camera in the right location can remedy this. This is important because the camera will not be able to move. Step 3: Installing Software You will then need to install some security software onto your cell phone. Multiple camera monitoring — When your surveillance security cameras are connected to a cell phone, you will be able to monitor all of them at once. Gone are the days when you cannot film anything when it gets dark. This can save you a lot of trouble, unlike the spy camera apps that will make you get puzzled by the complex configurations.

You can also schedule recordings in advance, watch multiple cameras on one device thanks to a split-screen feature, and remotely control your camera to get a better look at the room or surrounding area. On the Android side, Alfred is probably the easiest to use since it already has its own browser version that supports both Google Chrome and FireFox — you just need to log in with the same account info used in the app. Both limit you to just one camera at a time, however, so if you want some crazy setup with three different smartphones, you should invest in the paid edition of Netcam Studio.

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